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Winston Wells, Owner of Cowansville Landscapers

Winston Wells, Owner of Cowansville Landscapers

Cowansville Landscapers has now been modelling The Eastern Townships’ Scenery for more than 17 years with the same flame, dedication and commitment, spring after spring, with the assistance of its most powerful partner, dear Mother Nature.

It all started back in 1995 when Winston Wells, with a few seasons of landscaping already under his belt as an employe, convinced of his passion for the trade, came up with the desire to create his own company.

The first stop was to the Bank, the rest is history because we were privileged enough to be in a position, allowing us to purchase some equipment right from the start. Nearly two decades later, we can now say the company has kept on growing season after season.

Just like the trees we planted back then, our Company Tree has gotten bigger by each passing solstice in response to the precious and continuous trust our loyal clients have invested in us.


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