Cowansville Landscapers launched its website

WEST-BROME – Its official, Cowansville Landscapers now has an online presence on the virtual cloud with its newly launched website.

Having a site on internet had become a necessity. Potential customers were calling me asking for my web address, argued Winston Wells. They all wanted to see pictures of jobs I had done, but I could only offer to show them a photo album.

We needed a Portfolio

For nearly two decades without a platform to display images from our work, most of our realisations has been like the best kept secrets in the Eastern Townships. All of these gardens, flower beds, patios, stone walls and other wonders we have created were nowhere to be seen.

Like a tool, our Portfolio shall now serve to answer most of the common questions that have been previously asked by first time callers.

A gift to our loyal customers

This new website is also a way to say thanks to our customers. “Somehow I can already picture some clients asking for their homes to be showcased in our portfolio” said the owner of Cowansville Landscapers with a smile.

As for the end note, you collectively asked for a website, we have now delivered the goods!

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